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A Chilling Story

Our story begins more than two decades ago, with our founders Dane and Chris, who at that time were the most impressionable of youths.  These two boys devoured anything horror related.  They collected every book with scary stories they could get their hands on and would stay up late into the night trying to get the hairs on their necks to stand up.  They would be first in line for tickets to see all those wonderful 90’s scary movies.  From slashers to psychological thrillers, they were driven by the desire to be scared.



As they grew, so did their passion for anything and everything that would make one's skin crawl.  Dane, in particular, had an insatiable appetite, searching high and low to get his spooky fix.  His thirst ultimately led him down the rabbit hole that is YouTube.  What he found was a thriving community of narrators and would-be horror aficionados.  After listening to hundreds of hours of stories, Dane made the realization....“I can do this.”  And in 2016, his YouTube channel Being Scared was born. 


Comments and discussions on Dane’s Being Scared YouTube channel brought about an epiphany of sorts.  Dane wanted to create a platform where dedicated fans of scary stories could call home, and completely customize their listening experience.  One late-night phone call and armed with this new ambitious concept, Dane enlisted Chris to help him create this new platform.  With Dane’s creativity and Chris' expertise in business and technology, they went to work.  What was initially a simple way to listen to ad-free stories, began to grow, and grow, and grow!  It evolved into a platform in which the listener has the ability to create a playlist, add their favorite stories, choose an ambient sound, and so much more.  This allows the users to calmly listen and relax to the eerie stories of madmen and monsters in a highly customized way.

Over the last four years, Dane has amassed a following of a quarter-million dedicated listeners.  Being Scared has been recognized for its quality and has been featured on many top 10 lists.  It is here where the spark for Chilling was lit.  

Combo Embrace Your Fear[843].png

This is just the beginning.  The road map for Chilling is filled with new and exciting updates and features.  Until then, stay tuned.  We are excited to have you with us as we build this community together.  Sit back, embrace the fear, and enjoy a more intense way to relax.

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