Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does Chilling cost?

For only $2.99 USD per month you gain access to all of our premium content with regular updated, exclusives, and so much more!

Do you have Chilling merchandise?

We do not yet have merchandise, but stay tune we will be adding a store soon.

Do you accept user submitted stories?

Absolutely! We love them! There are currently two ways to submit stories to Chilling.

  1. Directly in the mobile app there is a section specifically for story submissions
  2. On the Chilling Subreddit Authors can share stories and submit them for narration, more details can be found:

Why does Chilling charge a subscription?

As committed as we are to bringing you amazing content, we are equally committed to making sure that our content contributors receive fair recognition for their work. All of the authors whose stories you hear and the narrators who provide their talent to the platform are fairly compensated. Additionally, there is overhead in developing and operating the platform. The cost to operate servers, networks, databases, and the other infrastructure is perpetual. As Chilling is and always will be an ad-free experience a modest monthly subscription is necessary.

How do I turn off the Ambient Sounds?

Select the speaker icon in the ambient menu of the media player to mute the sounds.

Why does clicking on stories send me to Reddit?

We believe in highlighting the work of the Authors and have linked the Titles to the origional stories.

How to cancel subscription?

Subscriptions are all handled either through Google Play or Apple (depending on your device) Chilling does not maintain any payment information in our systems or the app. To Cancel for Android: To Cancel for Apple: