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Christopher Graham

August 18th, 2021

The new platform offers a place for creators and listeners to indulge their spooky side and enjoy original content.

DOVER, DE, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2021 / -- Chilling has announced the launch of its scary stories listening app available for download for iOS and Android devices on April 21. The platform offers a community for horror buffs to listen to original audiobooks and podcasts, share stories, and interact.

Chilling’s creators hope to create a vertical ecosystem for all things horror, something that doesn’t exist today. With the genre being a pretty concentrated market, there is little room for out-of-the-box ideas or new creators to gain exposure.

"We see Chilling becoming the 'New Home for Scary Stories,’” commented Founder and CEO Dane Petrali. “As we continue to build out the platform, the audiences will be able to interact directly with each other and with creators. Our users are a vital part of the creative process.”

Chilling aims to combine the best parts of streaming services and social media to create a feedback loop between creators and consumers. The founders recognized how unproductively content is produced in a vacuum and created Chilling as a solution.

“We are trying to build a unique community bringing together, borrowing concepts and best practices from technology and manufacturing to revolutionize the creative process,” said Co-Founder and COO, Christopher Graham.

The Chilling app offers listeners original fiction and non-fiction stories, ranging from psychological thrillers to paranormal, as well as free stories for unsubscribed app users. The app also features audio versions of horror classics, such as Dracula and Frankenstein. Stories can be as short as two minutes long, or be multi-chapter series for longer listens.

Users can subscribe to Chilling for unlimited access to all content on the app for $2.99 a month, or sign up for free with limited access to stories. To learn more about Chilling, visit

About Chilling

Incorporated on July 9 in Dover, Delaware, Chilling is an innovative platform for those who yearn to be spooked. The app combines calming nature sounds with terrifying stories for an alternative take on down-time entertainment. Chilling aims to create a robust community of upcoming content creators to showcase their talent, help them to grow, and be part of a unique community
Christopher Graham
Chilling, Inc
+1 919-454-0731

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