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Welcome to CHILLING!

Wow, this has been a long time coming. The team has been working on this for the better part of a year, and we are excited to announce what we have built.


A revolutionary new platform, that allows you to completely customize your experience. You have so many choices, different genres of scary stories to choose from. We have hundreds of expertly written, completely terrifying fictional stories that I promise will make you lose sleep. But, are you the type that wants to hear the TRUE stories? Of course, we have you covered as well. Any kind of story you can think of.

We’ve developed a revolutionary, first of its kind, ambient choice menu. While listening to ANY story, you can pull up the Ambience menu, and change the background sounds, according to your mood, WITHOUT affecting the story at all. Transition seamlessly between the ambient sounds whenever you want. The Ambient sound you have playing, will not stop between stories either, which will ensure that your listening experience stays the way you want it. And of course, we included a separate volume bar for the ambiance menu.

While listening to any story, you can add it to your favorites. You can also create your own custom playlist with your favorite stories, genres, narrators, authors, etc. One of my favorite features of CHILLING is you can submit your very own stories, right here in the app. Just click "Submit Story"..."Create New", and begin typing or if you have the option on your phone, you can use voice to text.

Let's talk about the best part of CHILLING. It is completely ad-free. That's right. No ads. You can listen to hours of stories, with zero interruptions.

Hundreds of stories, your choice of ambient sound, which you can change on the fly, anytime you want. ZERO ADS. A completely customizable experience. For only $2.99 a month.

This is Just the Start!

We will be adding content multiple times a week and expanding the variety of content to include classic novels and audio series. Beyond narration, we are already hard at work to add the ability to stream video content in the form of CHILLING Original Movies and Shows, the first of which is already in production. And it doesn’t stop here because at the end of the day, we built CHILLING for YOU, and we cannot do this without you. We need your honest feedback, to tell us what you would like to see in the future. We will be sending our subscribers surveys, so you can share your thoughts with us. These first few months are so important for us to fine-tune the platform to become something special and I hope you will follow me on the journey.

To stay up to date on all things CHILLING, please follow us on social media. Links to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are included below. We also have a Chilling Sub-Reddit, and this is the initial home for the Chilling Community to share and post stories. We have implemented a unique program that allows authors to get paid for their stories. So, do you have stories you want to share? Submit a story directly through the Chilling app, or on the Chilling subreddit and if we decide to put your story on our app, you’ll be paid for it.

So, what are you waiting for? CHILLING is available on iPhone and Android. Just search "CHILLING - Embrace Your Fear" in your app store. Experience....a more intense way to relax.

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